Alesha and Mike's Wedding Celebration at Four Fathers Brewing

September 25th, 2023

Saturday was a day to remember for Alesha and Mike, as they celebrated their love in the cozy atmosphere of Four Fathers Brewing. Their small but vivacious wedding party was a testament to their taste for intimate gatherings and close-knit relationships.


The day offered some beautiful light adding a magical touch to the event. As the sun streamed through the brewery's windows, it painted the venue in soft, warm hues. This natural backdrop worked wonders for the couple's photographs, adding a layer of charm to their memories.


Alesha and Mike, our lovely couple, chose Four Fathers Brewing for their special day. A place known for its craft beers, it also boasts of a unique charm that's perfect for couples looking for a non-traditional venue. The brewery's rustic and industrial aesthetics provided a refreshing break from the conventional wedding scenes. The brick walls, high ceilings, and wooden accents created a relaxed and inviting space for the guests.


But what truly made the day were the couple themselves. Alesha, the beautiful bride, was a picture of grace and happiness, while Mike, the groom, couldn't hide his excitement. Their love for each other was evident in every glance they shared, every touch, every smile. They were not just hosting a wedding party; they were sharing a piece of their love story with everyone present.


The fun-filled wedding party was a hit with everyone. From the delicious food and the craft beers to the lively music, every element was thoughtfully chosen to reflect Alesha and Mike's personalities. The couple wanted their wedding to be a celebration of their love and life together, and they succeeded in creating just that.


As a photographer, it was a pleasure to capture these beautiful moments. The lighting, the setting, the people, everything was just perfect. Alesha and Mike's wedding was a visual treat, filled with beautiful moments that they will cherish forever.


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